Do you answer YES to most of the following statements?

  • When you just got engaged you felt that you were on cloud nine and had tons of ideas for your wedding, but now that you actually have to set a date and start planning you feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

  • Whenever you and your partner bring up the wedding, you end up fighting so you avoid the topic around each other.

  • The expectations of your family (and even friends) are too much and you don't know how to talk to them and set your boundaries.

  • Your own expectations are not matching with reality, you have a hard time of dealing with that. 

  • Your family dynamics are complicated, you don't know how to deal with divorced parents, estranged friends, your in-laws that are too involved or that uncle that you haven't seen in years but all of a sudden wants to be part of your wedding day.

What if

  • You can turn the anxiety into excitement? 


  • You can start to enjoy the journey instead of resenting it?

  • You can set healthy boundaries and not feel awful about it? 


  • You and your partner can dream about your wedding without getting into a fight? 

Why Hire a Bridal Coach?

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I will help you find your track and stay on it

As an experienced wedding planner I know that everything is super overwhelming and many brides have no idea where to even start. I will help you create order in the chaos, find your own style (and voice!) and will help you clear the fog, deal with expectations and the overload of ideas. ​​

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I'm a fantastic listener and super straight forward

Airing your thoughts will give you space to think and put things in perspective. Giving you advice when needed, or just being a listening ear. I will tell you the honest truth, because I can. I'm not your mother, BFF or MIL and will never ever judge you. You can be you, in all your bluntness without censor. You can cry, laugh or have a big meltdown, it's all ok. No judgements there. We will work our way through it together and you will come out on the other side being a more self-confident bride that feels ready to take on her wedding day.  ​​

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I will be the one that you can share any wedding idea with

Your friends and family might be able to listen to your wedding ideas, but they are not in the wedding industry. I know all the ins and outs. I know what works and doesn't. I have seen it all and can advice you with no strings attached or expectations.

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I will help you navigate through difficult family dynamics

Trying to keep everyone happy during your big day is something that you don't want to have your focus on. Let's tackle family dynamics from the very start! From a mother with expectations, guilt over asking bridesmaids to do things for you, overbearing MIL, divorced parents, estranged family members.. you name it! We will make sure that everyone is at ease, before the big day arrives.

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After we have talked you still want to get married

You are getting married out of love. Marriage is about the celebration of love, but if wedding planning is all you two talk (and maybe argue) about for 1+ year, you will see that the fun anticipation towards the wedding day turns into a dreadful process and by the time the big day arrives you will not be able to enjoy it anymore. After we have talked, you will be able to see everything in a different light.

Bridal Coach vs. Wedding Planner

(my advice: take a bridal coach AND wedding planner, but I could be biased ;-) )

Mental support 

Help you create order in the chaos

Help you identify your blocks and overcome them 

Help you set and protect your boundaries

Helps you identify what you really want and makes sure that your are confident enough to make it happen

Practical support

Booking wedding suppliers

Will take care of every aspect of your (practical) wedding planning

Makes sure that your wedding is executed in a timely and organized way

Will keep track of your budget

After our sessions:

  • You will feel clear headed, more connected to your needs and confident to make them happen.

  • You will feel excited for what's to come.

  • You will have a clear plan on how to start or continue your journey.