Good to know

  • A wedding ceremony in Greece is recognized in most EU countries. If you are living elsewhere in the world, no worries! There is always the possibility to do ceremony and get the marriage certificate in your country of origin. 

  • A prerequisite for this recognition is that all documents are translated by a certified translator and are also provided with an apostille, also called legalizations stamp.

  • Sand+Lace will ensure the certified translations of the documents and an interpreter on the spot. The betrothal and the marriage itself is often found in the Greek language. 

  • The ceremony in Greece is carried out by the deputy mayor or the mayor himself. In Greece they are the only persons who are authorized to do so. 

  • The civil marriage is for the Greeks just an administrative act, but for foreigners they arrange a wonderfull ceremony.

  • Marrying in Greece is possible all throughout the year thanks to the pleasant climate, but the most stable weather is found from May until November. 

  • Same sex marriage are not (yet!) allowed in Greece. However, it is possible to organize an unofficial ceremony by Sand+Lace.