€800,00 EUR

The Creative Direction Package

Are you ready to transform your wedding dreams into an enchanting reality that resonates with your unique energy and vibrations? Our Creative Direction Package is your personalized journey towards curating an unforgettable wedding celebration that reflects your essence and aspirations.

What It Offers:

  • Energy-Infused Vision: We focus on translating your vibrant energy and individual vibrations into a tailored creative concept that truly embodies your essence.

  • Unconventional Assignments: We've designed thought-provoking and unconventional assignments to stimulate your creativity, allowing you to explore unique perspectives and unlock fresh ideas for your dream wedding.

  • Personalized Guidance: Through collaborative sessions, we delve deep into your preferences, inspirations, and desires, refining them into a bespoke creative concept that's authentically yours.

  • Empowering Your Planning Journey: Our aim is not just to craft a vision but to provide you with a clear roadmap—a comprehensive action plan that guides you confidently through the wedding planning process.
  • Personalized Creative Concept: Through our sessions, we refine and articulate a bespoke creative concept tailored exclusively to your vision and style, encapsulating every detail of your dream wedding.
  • 3x 1:1 sessions (in total 6 hours): to guide and coach you through it!

How It Benefits You:

  • Reflects Your Essence: Our approach ensures that every aspect of your wedding concept aligns with your unique energy and resonates with your true self.

  • Creative Sparks: Our unconventional assignments are crafted to ignite your creativity, encouraging you to explore new dimensions and infuse your celebration with originality.

  • Empowering Your Vision: With a detailed and energy-infused creative concept in hand, you'll embark on your planning journey equipped with clarity and confidence.

Why Choose Our Creative Direction Package:

  • Tailored to You: We embrace your individuality and tailor our sessions to your unique preferences, ensuring a wedding concept that's authentically and vibrantly yours.

  • Expert Guidance: We collaborate to refine your vision, drawing from our expertise and unconventional assignments to evoke fresh ideas and innovative concepts.

The Creative Direction Package is your pathway to manifesting a celebration that vibrantly reflects your love story and individuality. Let's embark on this journey together, infusing your wedding with creativity, authenticity, and your unique energy.