€111,00 EUR

Wedding Visionary Consult (1:1)

Step into a personalized 1:1 wedding planning consultation, where undivided attention is devoted entirely to crafting your dream day. Our consultation session is an hour of undistracted focus solely on your wedding aspirations, ensuring you leave with invaluable tools and boundless inspiration to propel your planning journey forward.

In this tailored consultation, we invite you to explore, ideate, and refine your vision while receiving expert guidance. Our commitment is to infuse your wedding with the essence of your love story, making every detail a reflection of your unique bond.

During our dedicated hour together, we'll delve into your aspirations, discuss essential planning elements, and provide strategic insights to elevate your wedding vision. From refining themes to vendor recommendations, timeline structuring to decor inspirations, this session is your gateway to clarity and direction.

Walk away from our consultation equipped with newfound inspiration, actionable plans, and the confidence to continue your wedding planning journey with purpose. Let's embark on this collaborative adventure, ensuring your wedding day becomes an unforgettable celebration of your love story.