Give your destination wedding in Greece kick start with our Instagram Wedding Planning Guide!


Over the years we've collected a lot of useful tips, tricks and information for you and we therefore gathered everything on one Instagram account with over 200 stories, a feed full of information and real life experiences, that allows you to learn about planning your wedding in Greece, on your own time.


Are you at the start of your wedding journey and you're not sure if Greece is the country for you or you're already planning your wedding, but are searching for real and honest insights regarding the following topics: 


1. Determining your budget: an honest conversation about money. 

2. Making sure you book the right date for your wedding. 

3. Which location would be most suitable for your type of wedding: what's the difference between the locations in Greece (and there is a lot of difference!). 

4. Reading between the lips: all about culture and communication in Greece. 

5. How to make payments in Greece. 

6. When to start planning what - the ultimate destination wedding time line. 


And much more!


How it works and what will you get:


Once you've purchased a guide, you'll be granted access to a private Instagram account. This Instagram account, full of information, will be available for 12 months! No need for additional software, hassle with time zones or whatsoever. You can start watching the stories as soon as you've purchased the guide and our team has granted you access. You can enter all throughout the month, there is no deadline. 


The account consists out of:

  • Countless stories with valuable information, tips and tricks which are updated frequently.

  • A full feed of additional information and a lot of visuals which is updated frequently.

  • An e-guide & workbook to download with written information and additional fill-outs. This e-guide is available for a lifetime.

  • Once per month there is a live Q&A. You can send in your questions throughout the month. The live Q&A will be saved as a a highlight, so if you can't join, it will be available for you so you can watch it when you have the time.

  • Want to book us to plan your wedding? Then you get the fee that you've paid for the guide back.



  • You'll be receiving a digital product. After the purchase you will receive a confirmation email with the full instructions on how to open the guide and how to access the Instagram Guides.