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Breaking the rules in Paros 

Beautiful Irish nurse Andrea met her handsome Cypriot plastic surgeon Andreas (what's in a name!) in a London hospital. They fell in love and that was the start of a beautiful love story that brought them to Paros to celebrate their love with their loved ones. I am so proud of them, as they were bold enough to plan a destination wedding during a pandemic. It was stressful to work around the ever changing measurements and we were not sure if all their guests were able to make it. During that time, dancing wasn't allowed (go figure!) but.. a wedding without dancing?! No way! Life is boring if you just obey the rules all the time ;) 

Venue: Monastiri Paros | Flowers: Moustakis Flowers | Catering: Aliprantis Catering | Photography: White on Black | Band: Yakuza Six

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