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All our experiences, tips and tricks to kick start your wedding in Greece curated on a private Instagram account and simply explained in over 200+ stories!

I started out working as a wedding planner in Greece several years ago. At that moment, other than having Greek roots and a lot of event planning experience, Greece was unknown territory for me. I had never worked in Greece and did not know anything about the work ethics. Next to this, I didn't have any contacts. Not to mention that the language was abracadabra to me. As you understand, it wasn't going to be easy. But I wasn't looking for easy. I was looking for adventure -- I'm sure you can relate!

You have to know, that doing research, reading countless blogs and books, is kind of in my DNA. That said, it still costed me hours, days -what am I saying- weeks, to find the information that I was looking for. After years of experience, 1000 coffee meetings and a lot of ups.. and a few downs as well, I can tell, with certainty, that we are now able to call ourselves planning experts in Greece. From finding the right vendors and location to giving a realistic (and honest!) view on the financial impact of your wedding, and from understanding the culture to reading between lips and other things that you, as a foreigner like me, will probably not be aware of or understand right away.

I realized that couples are going through that same process. It's easy to find basic information, but finding that little extra information that will help you decide how to distinguish the one location from the other or which vendor is best for your wedding, that's where the experiences from others come in useful. Over the years we've collected a lot of useful tips, tricks, information and lessons for you and we decided to gather this all for you on one Instagram account with over 200+ Stories, a feed full of information and real life experiences, that allows you to learn about planning a wedding in Greece, on your own time!

Is this guide for you?

Currently we have #kickstartyourgreekwedding available. But we're working hard on more guides on topics that will add value to your wedding planning journey.

#kickstartyourgreekwedding is perfect for you:

  • If you are thinking of getting married in Greece and you don't know if it's for you (yet).

  • If you have already decided that you want to get married in Greece, but you don't know where to start.

  • If you have trouble identifying your budget for the wedding.

  • If you can't decide on your location or you don't know which location is suitable for your wedding.

  • If you need more information on practicalities regarding your wedding.

  • If you want information about getting married in Greece, all in once place.

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How does it work?

Once you've purchased a guide, you'll be granted access to a private Instagram account. This Instagram account, full of information, will be available for 12 months. No need for additional software, hassle with time zones, or whatsoever. You can start watching the stories as soon as you've purchased the guide and our team has granted you access. You can enter all throughout the month, there is no restriction.


The account consists of:

  • Approximately 200+ stories with valuable information, tips, and tricks which are updated frequently.

  • A full feed of additional information and a lot of visuals which is updated frequently.

  • An e-guide & workbook to download with written information and additional fill-outs. This e-guide is available for a lifetime.

  • Once per month, there is a live Q&A. You can send in your questions throughout the month. The live Q&A will be saved as a highlight, so if you can't join, it will be available for you so you can watch it when you have the time.

  • Want to book us to plan your wedding? Then you get the fee that you've paid for the guide back.

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