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we deliver a feeling,
not just an event


We plan fashion-forward destination weddings and events world wide and are specialized in Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.


Just for a minute, forget everything you know about weddings and imagine something different to what you normally see. Our weddings and events are for the trail blazers, the ones that walk of the beaten path, the ones that love on their own terms. The wild at heart, the creative gals, the ones that dare to dream big. In our eyes, your wedding has to be an experience for you, your family and friends and surprise them with an unusual setting.

​We are known for our epic parties and our unconventional approach to weddings but mostly for our ability to create something that you've never seen before and will stand out for decades to come by implementing understated chic and subtle sexy designs for each of our couples that match their style so well that when their guests walk in they say, "Oh my god, this is SO you!".  

If you are aiming for different, we are your agency.  

Our Services


Wedding Antiparos
Wedding Santorini
bridesmaids Santorini

destination wedding planning

Planning your destination wedding? We would love to help! We have years of experience in planning events world wide but are specialized in weddings in Greece, Italy, Spain, France,  Portugal and surrounding Mediterranean countries. Our weddings are understated, personal and elegant. 

love fest

Head over heals in love but not planning on getting married? How about celebrating your love with all your closest family and friends without the "hassle" of getting official? We believe that your love is enough reason to bring all your closest family and friends together to create a real "love fest" - a wedding party without the wedding!

the wedding trail blazers 

We create online events for brides to be, from creating a vision board to bring your dream wedding to life to sharing our secrets to a plan a successful destination wedding and much more.  Knowledge is power and we love to share our knowledge so that you can make well informed decisions.



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