Planning events is all about understanding each other

My name is Bobbie Karagianni! As an experienced event planner, a true creator and visionary, I am leading Sand+Lace Events with a lot of dedication and passion aiming to change the wedding industry one wedding at a time. 

Planning events is all about understanding each other

For as long as I can remember, I've been someone that is always on the move. Intellectually and creatively. I'm really obsessed with personal and spiritual development, psychology, and understanding why we do the things we do. For me planning events is all about understanding each other, especially if you work with people from different cultural backgrounds. It requires a connection to my own emotions and a lot of curiosity about others, to truly understand someone and to find out what makes a moment – a moment. It also feeds my creative side as I always feel the need to express myself artistically.

So, naturally, planning events for me is all about understanding and translating the vision and wishes of the couple, brand, or person that I'm working with, into an experience.

Making brides fully enjoy their wedding journey

Next to planning weddings, I mentor/ coach brides to enjoy the journey towards their wedding day. In one or two sessions we find out what it is exactly that's withholding you from enjoying the process and solve it together by changing your perspective on things or by giving you concrete tools to continue your journey with confidence on your own. Other than with wedding planning where we focus on the practical side, we now zoom into your mental state. Our experience learns that when it comes to planning your wedding, everyone has an opinion about it. This could be one of your best friends who is expecting to become your maid of honor or your mother that has everything already drawn out for you (but in exactly the opposite of how you would like to celebrate your day) or maybe the excitement that your felt when you first got engaged is now an energy taker, instead of energy giver due to the fog in your mind, chaos or financial stress. Whatever it is, after our session(s) you will feel energized, be able to use your own voice, set clear boundaries and really ready to tackle everything (and everyone ;-) ) that crosses your path. Bonus: our coaching sessions are for ALL brides (and grooms, if they are up for it!) and are not tied to getting married in Greece or our other services.