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Imagine jetting off to a stunning spot somewhere incredible for a whole week where it's all about you, your dreams, and that perfect wedding you've been pinning about on Pinterest. Our Wedding Planning Retreat Abroad is like hitting the "easy" button for wedding planning—except it's about a million times more fun and a whole lot more relaxing.

Picture this: You, chilling in a gorgeous place, with a wedding planner buddy by your side who's all about making your wedding dreams come true. We're talking deep dives into what you love, what makes your heart sing, and how to sprinkle that magic all over your big day. It's like crafting your love story into a day that's so you, as a couple. 

But hey, we get it—wedding planning can be a rollercoaster of feels. That's why we're not just about picking out pretty flowers and tasting cake (though there's plenty of that, yum!). We're here to help you ride that emotional wave with mindset coaching that's all about turning those "what ifs" into "heck yeses," making you feel like a million bucks inside and out.

And because we know that planning a wedding is a marathon, not a sprint, we've packed this retreat with all the good stuff to keep you zen. Think spa days that melt stress away, yoga sessions that have you floating on cloud nine, and nature trips that'll have you recharged and sparkling. It's all about keeping you glowing!

This isn't just about plotting out a wedding. It's about giving yourself the space to breathe, dream, and get ready for one of the biggest adventures of your life. With stunning views, expert help, and a dash of pampering, you'll head back home not just with a wedding plan, but with a heart full of memories, ready to step into your future with a big, joyful "I do."



Bobbie Karagianni walking with bridal bouquet in Santorini

   This Is For You If

  1. Seek Personalized Attention: If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of planning your big day amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this retreat offers a serene escape where the focus is entirely on you and your wedding dreams. It's like having a fairy godmother for your wedding, ensuring every detail is tailored to your personal story and desires.

  2. Seek a Stress-Free Planning Where You Get Things Done: Imagine swapping the stress of spreadsheet management and endless vendor emails for a tranquil setting where the sea, sand, or mountains are your companions. This retreat isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about enjoying the journey to your big day, making decisions while you're at your most relaxed and inspired.

  3. Seek a Growth and Wellness Journey: Weddings are significant life events, and it's normal to feel a whirlwind of emotions. This retreat acknowledges that, offering mindset coaching to navigate any pre-wedding jitters and wellness activities that remind you to care for your well-being amidst the planning. It's a chance to grow not just as a bride but as a partner in your upcoming marriage.

  4. Seek More Value Beyond the Wedding: While the primary goal is to plan your wedding, the skills, insights, and experiences gained during this retreat extend far beyond the event itself. Learning to manage stress, communicate your vision, and make mindful decisions can enrich your life in countless ways, making this retreat an investment in your wedding day and your future happiness.


But.. Can I Really Plan Our Wedding in ONE WEEK?


Planning the core elements of your wedding in one week is not only possible, it's a unique, focused experience that can bring your vision to life efficiently and enjoyably. Here's how it works:

🤓 Focused Planning: With a dedicated planner by your side for an entire week, you'll have the undivided attention and expertise needed to make key decisions quickly. This concentrated time allows for deep dives into each aspect of your wedding, from venue to vendors, themes to timelines, without the usual distractions.

✅ Decision-Making: Being in a retreat setting away from daily life allows for clearer thinking and more decisive action. The immersive environment helps in making choices that might otherwise take weeks or months when juggling everyday responsibilities.

🦸🏻‍♀️ Expert Guidance: Your wedding planner will bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table, helping to streamline choices and avoid common pitfalls. Their experience means they can provide immediate solutions and creative ideas that fit your vision, saving you time and stress.

🧘‍♀️ Wellness and Mindset: The retreat isn't just about logistics; it's also about preparing you emotionally and mentally for your big day. This holistic approach ensures that decisions are made with clarity and confidence, contributing to a more focused and effective planning process.

🤝 Intensive Collaboration: This dedicated time fosters a deep, collaborative relationship between you and your planner, allowing for a fully customized and cohesive wedding plan that truly reflects your personal story and style.

While the finer details and some specific arrangements may continue to be refined after the retreat, the foundation and major decisions can be established within this intensive week, setting a solid and exciting framework for your big day.

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