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Jak & Alex's Epic Antiparos, Paros and Mykonos Adventure: A 5-Day Wedding Fiesta

5-day wedding antiparos flowing fabric kima paros live music rizes mykonos sunset antiparos the farmhouse the rooster white on black Feb 23, 2024
the Rooster

Jak and Alex's wedding on Antiparos was a celebration that unfolded like a grand Grecian odyssey, spanning five glorious days filled with love, adventure, and unforgettable moments. Their journey began in Mykonos, where friends and family from around the globe gathered, kicking off the festivities with a sumptuous traditional lunch at Rizes Farmstead, setting the tone for the days to come.

As the afternoon waned, the party transitioned to the port, embarking on a ferry ride to Paros. Under the cloak of night, they journeyed to Pounta, catching the quaint ferry to Antiparos. There, the welcoming arms of The Rooster, a wellness boutique hotel renowned for its serene beauty, awaited them. Each guest was greeted with thoughtfully curated welcome bags in their studios, a harbinger of the meticulous planning and heartfelt touches that defined the celebration.

The following day, after a leisurely breakfast, the group explored the charms of Paros, returning to Antiparos for an evening of sunset cocktails and the vibrant sounds of FloorJaxx and her band. The air was electric with anticipation and the joy of shared celebration, as everyone danced under the stars.

The third day, the zenith of the celebration, dawned with a palpable sense of excitement. The Secret Garden of The Rooster was transformed into a ceremonial haven, adorned with lush florals in hues of lilac, peach, off-white, and green, mirroring the natural beauty of the island. The reception at the Farmhouse was a romantic idyll, where the chef's culinary masterpieces delighted the senses, and the dance floor remained abuzz with energy, marking a night for the ages.

The day after the wedding was a gentle comedown from the festivities, with a ceramic class offering a creative respite, followed by a beachside BBQ, a fitting finale to the communal experience. As the fifth day dawned, guests departed, carrying with them the memories of a celebration that was as much a journey through the stunning landscapes of Greece as it was a testament to Jak and Alex's love.

This wasn't just a wedding; it was an epic tale of connection, celebration, and the beginning of a new chapter for Jak and Alex, surrounded by the people who mattered most, in a setting that was nothing short of magical.

*Note: out of privacy reasons we aren't able to share a lot of images from this stunning wedding! However, this little selection depicts the mood & vibe quite right - it was was total love fest for 5 days straight!  


📸 Photographer: White on Black 🎉 Wedding Venue: The Rooster 🍽 Pre-Wedding Venue: Rizes Farmstead Mykonos 🌴 Pre-Wedding Venue 1: Kima Paros 🌴 Pre-Wedding Venue 2: Sunset Antiparos ⚓ Post-Wedding Venue 2: Time Marine Paros 💐 Flowers: Manfler 💌 Stationery: Gum Bubble 🛍 Welcome Bags: Party & Co🍴 Catering: The Rooster🍹 Bar Services: Boogaloo Bar Catering💡 Entertainment Support & Lights: Music Essentials 🎵 Live Music: FloorJaxx, Danique Kos and Full Band

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