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A Hot Sifnos Wedding: Matt & Camille's Summer Celebration

beach venue fasolu getta vision greek party lazarou beach sifnos small island wedding wedding weekend Jun 25, 2024
Pool Party Wedding in Sifnos

When California sunshine meets Greek charm, magic happens. Enter Camille and Matt, a couple whose love story transcends borders and culminates in an unforgettable three-day wedding celebration on the picturesque island of Sifnos. Their nuptials were nothing short of spectacular, blending the warmth of the Californian spirit with the rich traditions of Greek-American heritage. Here's a glimpse into their epic celebration.

A Greek Night to Remember

The festivities kicked off with a Greek night at Fasolu, setting the tone for the days to come. Guests were treated to the energetic sounds of a bouzouki player, infusing the evening with authentic Greek vibes. Traditional dances, hearty laughter, and mouth-watering Greek delicacies turned the night into a vibrant prelude to the main event. Camille, radiant in a minimal dress, and Matt, effortlessly stylish, were the epitome of island chic.

The Big Day: Heatwave and High Spirits

The wedding day dawned under a blazing sun, with temperatures soaring thanks to an unexpected heatwave. But if anything, the sweltering heat added to the charm and intensity of the celebration. Held at the stunning Lazarou Beach, the ceremony was a visual delight with Fillo Flowers weaving their magic through floral arrangements that perfectly complemented the blue backdrop of the Aegean Sea.

As the heat peaked, so did the energy. Guests, driven by the scorching weather and high spirits, spontaneously jumped into the cool waters. The scene was surreal: tuxedos, dresses, and joyful splashes, turning the wedding into an impromptu beach party.

An experience to remember! 


📸 Photographer: Getta Vision 🎉 Wedding Venue: Lazarou Beach 🍽 Pre-Wedding Venue: Fasolu Sifnos 💐 Flowers: Fillo Flowers  💌 Stationery: Gum Bubble🍴 Catering & Bar Services: Maiolica💡 Entertainment Support & Lights: Giorgio Missirlis 🎵 DJ: friends of the groom 🎵 Live Music Pre-Wedding: Michalis Sarantis and George Serfas


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A Hot Sifnos Wedding: Matt & Camille's Summer Celebration

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