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Niki & Stewart's Dreamy Kastellorizo Wedding: A Mediterranean Love Odyssey

authentic greece greek orthodox ceremony kastellorizo megisti white on black Feb 13, 2024
Couple in Kastelorizo

For our second enchanting visit to the idyllic Greek island of Kastellorizo, a gem nestled in the Mediterranean, we embarked on a 24-hour sail from Athens, an adventure also accessible by a quick flight via Rhodes. This visit was to orchestrate the stunning 3-day wedding celebration of Niki and Stewart, who flew in with their beloved guests from Australia. Set against the quaint backdrop of a traditional square in front of the Poseidon Hotel, the wedding showcased the intricate logistics unique to Kastellorizo, with its limited ferry services and the exclusive small-plane access accommodating only 36 passengers. In preparation, floral arrangements were meticulously preserved in local taverna refrigerators, requiring nightly watering to ensure their freshness for the big day. Vendors arrived well in advance, embracing the island's community spirit and turning this event into a familial gathering of locals, the couple, and their international guests.

Niki and Stewart, with deep roots in Kastellorizo, infused their wedding with rich, traditional Kastellorizian customs. The highlight was the "Savatovratho" on Saturday night, a vibrant celebration featuring the "Votania" singing, a symbolic boat ride with traditional wedding songs, and the crafting of "Moschokarfia," a clove necklace, by the single women. This intricate ritual also included the making of a special clove syrup, used in the ceremonial washing of the groom's hair, followed by the smoking of the wedding garments, imbuing the celebration with ancestral heritage and cultural depth.

Venue: Poseidon Hotel | Flowers: Kay Creations | Catering: Alexandras Restaurant | Photography: White on Black | Saxophonist: Antonis | Bouzouki player: Michalis Sarantis | Entertainment/ DJ/ Ambiance lighting: Kostas Maravelias | MUAH: Stelios | Cocktail hour: Faros 

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